Our service is designed to make the real estate selection process convenient, informative, and even exciting. Welcome to the world of smart real estate choices!

Key features of our service:

  1. Modern design and intuitive navigation:
    • Stylish and contemporary design of listings, providing an attractive and clear visual experience.
    • Simple and convenient functionality that allows easy switching between different listings.
    • Easy and intuitive navigation across regions on the map.
    • A search filter for listings that enables quick finding of the desired property.
  1. Map with regional assessments:
    • Multifaceted indicators: the assessment of regions is done considering various criteria such as safety, infrastructure, environment, and more, providing a comprehensive overview of the quality of life.
    • AI-assessment: the use of artificial intelligence for preliminary indicator assessments ensures accurate and objective results.
    • Expert evaluations complement the intelligent analysis.
    • Real estate search models: visualization of regions according to selected real estate search models, where each model represents pre-settings of quality indicators of regions.
  1. Extensive visualization capabilities:
    • A listing can be linked with exact coordinates or defined in a specific region.
    • Adding layers of data from other services to provide users with the necessary information to make a decision.
    • Infrastructure layers: displaying information about schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and other infrastructure makes the map more informative.

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