Terms of Use

Welcome to the real estate search portal. Before proceeding, please carefully read the rules that govern the use of our platform.

1. Definitions.

User: any natural or legal person using the site maplz.com.
Platform: the website maplz.com - a real estate portal where users can search for and post information about real estate.
Administrator: the person responsible for operating and maintaining the platform.
Partner: a natural or legal person collaborating with the platform.
Seller: a natural or legal person, construction company, or agency posting real estate on the platform.
Buyer: a natural or legal person searching for real estate on the platform.

2. Temporary Failures.

The Administrator is not responsible for temporary failures in the operation of the platform. We do everything possible to ensure its uninterrupted operation, but cannot be held accountable for other technical issues.

3. Prohibition of Unauthorized Copying.

Users are strictly prohibited from copying any data from the site manually or using software.

4. Obligation to Provide Accurate Information.

Users are required to provide accurate information. False or misleading information may lead to the suspension or termination of the user account.

5. Reliability of Posted Information.

The Administrator does not guarantee the accuracy of information posted by sellers. Users are advised to independently verify details before making a decision.

6. Subjective Nature of Regional Metrics.

Metrics related to the regions of the country are subjective opinions of partners and are purely informational. Users should conduct their own research.

7. Limited Liability for Damages.

The Administrator is not responsible for any damage or problems arising from selecting and purchasing real estate. Users are advised to exercise due diligence.

8. Intellectual Property.

Assessments, expert reviews, and ratings are the intellectual property of the platform. Photos and information about real estate properties posted by sellers are the intellectual property of the sellers.

9. Personal Data Processing.

The platform collects and processes personal data for the purpose of finding real estate. This includes city and country of search, phone number, email address, preferences, surname, and first name of the user.

10. Procedures for Posting a Real Estate Property.

The Administrator reserves the right to set the rules and procedures for posting properties on the platform.

11. Contact Exchange Procedure.

The platform facilitates the exchange of contacts between sellers and buyers in accordance with established procedures. Users are expected to adhere to the privacy policy.

By using the site maplz.com, you agree to abide by the rules and conditions of its use. We recommend users contact our support service for any questions or clarifications. Enjoy viewing properties!

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